4 Robust CFD Trading Strategies to Earn Consistently


An investor relies on CFD trading strategies to advance in a systematic way in the business world. Many traders make decisions and enter into trades based on their emotions. They don’t try to analyze the market or follow any specific rules. Even they don’t adopt risk management techniques to reduce their financial losses.

Experts always recommend the beginners to develop CFD trading strategies so that they can learn to minimize their financial losses and avoid possible market crash. A fair FX business plan will also teach you both the exit and entry parameters, which will enhance your experience and business skills.

Why do you need an FX business strategy?

Successful foreign currency exchange businessmen always follow their developed trading rules to take the position. Entering into a deal without adopting a plan is like gambling because you don’t know the movement of the market, and you have to rely entirely on your luck. This kind of thought hardly brings success. In the long run, that trader may suffer. For more information, you can visit this page and learn many things about trading. Read the post of the successful traders in Singapore and slowly boost your trading skills to earn more money.

FX plan always provides the investors with a clear idea, and an expert FX analyst can correctly guess the movement of the price. However, an expert analyst can’t even give you 100% accurate information, but he can predict. The bullish trend may fall and turn into a bearish movement if anything happens.

Three major types of Forex trading strategies

There are three major types of FX business ideas –

  • Scalping strategy

This plan is developed in such a way so that a trader can predict the mini-movement that may occur within a very short time. If you adopt this strategy, you have to target pips in 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Trend following strategy

This strategy is designed to produce possible business opportunities in the normal mid-term route of the entire market. This strategy shows a logic, which is the fact that the market may move in a particular direction. This will teach you to go with the market flow.

  • Range trading strategy

This strategy extracts the possible profits from the marketplace, even when the market moves with no biases in a particular direction. This kind of plan attempts to help an investor to grab the bottom or top of the market’s move.

4 Robust FX trading strategies

  • London breakout process

The beginning of the London session takes place when the direction is fixed on several pars – this is the primary principle of this strategy. You have to open the 1 HR price chart of that specific pair you are interested in, and then mark the low and high for that day.

  • EMA crossover system

EMA stands for Exponential Moving Average, and it is regarded as one of the most effective technical indicators in the FX business. This strategy will help a trader to grab the directional bias on the price chart at a glance. You can see two different values and can take a good position in the market.

  • Gann trend following FX technique

This plan sues the technical indicator, which is based on the angles of William Delbert Gann. The businessmen can decide the next possible direction of the market. This is also an effective plan. The trader may need to get a technical indicator for the platform.

  • Support and resistance strategy

This is regarded as one of the strongest range strategies, which will help you anticipate the market’s possible movement. You can easily guess the upcoming market’s move. You can identify the bearish and bullish trend, as well as the resistance level at which you can sell your currencies.


These are the four most powerful strategies in the FX business that you may follow.