A Story of a Photographer – MrKarthik


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Mayakkam Enna is a Tamil musical drama film dubbed and released in Telugu, named as MrKarthik. The original release date of this movie is 25 November 2011, with a running time of 151 minutes. This film is written and directed by the well-known South Indian celebrity Selvaraghavan. The movie is collectively produced by Dineshkumar, Easwaramoorthy, Manohar Prasad, Ravi Shankar Prasad and Selvaraghavan under the production banners Gemini Film Circuit and Aum Productions. The movie starred the most famous South Indian actor Dhanush with his superb performance in such youth. The film includes music composed by G. V. Prakash Kumar, and Ramji does the cinematography with excellent skills. The movie starred casts like Dhanush as KarthikSwaminathan, RichaGangopadhyay as YaminiKarthik, Sunder Ramu as Sunder Ramesh, MathivananRajendran as Shankar, Pooja Devariya as Padmini, and more.


In the plot, KarthikSwaminathan is called the term ‘genius’ by his close friends. He is a freelance photographer who dreams of becoming an excellent wildlife photographer like MadheshKrishnasamy soon. He and his sister get constant support and help from his friends Sunder, Shankar, Padmini and Vindhya after the death of their parents. One day. Karthik gets introduced to Yamini as the girlfriend of Sunder. On their first meeting, Karthik and Yamini had bitter communication, which got better with passing days. Karthik tries his best to stay away from Yamini so that his friendship doesn’t get affected with Sunder, but eventually, a series of events brings them closer. After that, Sunder’s father arranges for the marriage ceremony of Yamini and Karthik. 


The happily married couple were leading a happy life until things took a drastic turn. Karthik realized that his idol photographer Madhesh had used one of his clicked photographs to win a national award. This incident turned his life and made him a physically abusive alcoholic. He started showing strange behaviours, and neighbours doubted his mental health and sanity. Despite the challenging circumstances, Yamini didn’t stop supporting him, hoping that he will recover and succeed one day. After a few days, the residents of Karthik’s house were criticizing him behind his back and in front of Yamini. She got defensive and supportive of her husband until she realized that it is a blunder. Karthik physically abused Yamini after seeing Madhes win an award on the TV. The beating led to the miscarriage of Yamini, and she was wiping blood on the floor the next day. Karthik realized his mistake and started crying on the floor and called Yamini by her name. This broke down her heart, and she yelled so loud that the entire locality could hear it. She angrily starts actions with her hands, showing her sadness with the loss of the baby. She stops talking with Karthik after that day.


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