Best Android optimizer

There are many types of Android tools or applications that claim to be best Android performance booster, optimizer or junk remover. Here are we are discussing about best optimizer. People tends to search for those apps when they run out of storage space and performance. Therefore, app you are using to gain performance and storage should be light weight and work fast or smoothly on slower devices too.

There are many cleaning tools like Clean Master, Phone Master and etc. From all I recommend to use NOX Cleaner. Because apps like Clean Master no longer available on play store. NOX Cleaner available for free install via play store. So, there will no issues with installation. NOX Cleaner comes with many features that helps to optimize your Android device like junk remover, CPU cooler, notification cleaner, virus scanner and etc. Having so many features in one app helps to save storage space and other resources.

There are many Android devices without Google Play Store. For those devices can use AC Market. AC Market is also like play store where you can install any Android app or game for free. No registration or login required. If play store TV does not support installing NOX Cleaner on Android TV boxes, you can use Filelinked. Filelinked support all most all Android TV boxes including Firestick.

Features of NOX Cleaner

Junk Files Remover – This is a one touch quick cleaning feature. You can easily remove junks like cache files, residuals from updates, residuals from uninstalled apps and games, cache files from social media apps, cache files from messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line and etc. Removing junks increase your free storage and improve performance too.

Real-Time Antivirus – This real-time Android virus scanner can remove viruses, malwares, adware and identify potential privacy threats. This is a one tap feature that helps to protect your Android devices from threats.

Max Memory Booster – Excessive use of RAM or memory make your device slow and lags. That’s why you can even run small application without getting stuck. Use this feature to close all other opened apps and processers to free RAM. When the amount of RAM available is high, performance is also high.

CPU Cooler – This feature can monitor and close CPU intensive apps or tasks. That helps to bring CPU temperature down. So, you can continuously watch videos or play games without getting phone hot.

Notification Blocker – Each and every application will push notifications for marketing purposes. As a result, you may miss important notifications. You can block all unwanted notifications using NOX Cleaner.