Causes and Effects of Office Syndrome

According to the research, about 80% of teenagers are getting affected by office syndrome. It is not a disease but a syndrome that regulates due to static sitting posture. It often involves pain and soreness in the back of the muscle. You may think that is very common and ordinary, but in reality, it is not. It can cause some serious health issues. So it is vital to know its causes and effects to avoid any kind of damage. Hence it is fundamental to stay alert and make some new changes to avoid the pain.

Impact of Office Syndrome on Behaviour 

A prolonged way of sitting at a place not only affects your physical body but the mind alsoContinuous headaches and back pain can create uneasiness resulting in mood change. Especially when there is excessive workload, and you are unable to free up your space. It results in various mood swings and puts an impact on your mental health. Inadequate positioning of the table or computer and unnatural ways of sitting can create muscle strain. This kind of work can divert the mind and make drastic changes in behavior.

Preventing Office Syndrome from Happening

Regular exercise in the morning or afternoon will help you strengthen and improve your muscle. It will also help to improve the posture of your body. Taking sufficient breaks in between the work will improve the mental stress. The most important thing is creating a healthy work environment where there is enough light to make you concentrate. Positioning in such a way will help you keep motivated and remove the couching and dullness of the day. An unhealthy posture will bring more severe effects on mental, emotional, and physical health. Hence always See More [ดูเพิ่มเติม which is the term in Thai] other options to make your environment free from stress.