Here’s why watching sports on streaming platforms is the best

Times are rough for traditional TV channels. With the introduction of streaming platforms, a large chunk of the user base has now shifted from TV to OTT. The benefits of OTT are there for everyone to see and even sports fans are moving towards it now. Streaming platforms have also understood that customers love to watch sports on OTT. If you are still sticking to watching sports on TV, then this blog is for you. Here are all the factors that make watching sports on OTT so much better.

Watch sports from anywhere and anytime

The biggest benefit of OTT is accessibility. You only need to have a smartphone, an active internet connection, and a subscription to the streaming platform to be able to watch sports. Whether you are travelling on a bus or stuck in a boring meeting room – you can watch the latest match from anywhere. On the other hand, you can only watch sports on your TV when you are at home. 

Replay whenever you want

There can be multiple instances when you are at work and cannot catch up on the latest cricket match. Or you could be stuck with some office work on the weekends and can’t see the weekend football derby. In such cases, the best you can do is go to YouTube and search for the highlights of the game. But that is if you only watch sports on TV. When you have access to an OTT platform, you can simply log in and watch the whole match later, at your leisure.

Get incredible value for money

TV channel packages do not come cheap. When you compare that to an OTT platform and how much value you are getting, you might as well completely move away from a digital TV connection. Streaming services give you quite a bang for your buck – the latest movies, TV shows, documentaries, comedy shows, sports events, you name it. Therefore, by subscribing to a streaming platform, you get access to a much larger content library.

Not all matches are televised on TV

Let us say, you support a football team that is not as popular. In such cases, TV channels will often make sure to televise some other game than the one you want to watch. You will never have to face such an issue when you watch sports on OTT. All the matches will be televised, and you can take your pick accordingly.

Interested? Get an OTT subscription and a broadband connection

If all this sounds good to you, then go ahead and subscribe to the OTT platform that live streams the matches of your favourite teams. While you are at it, we would also suggest upgrading to a new broadband connection. Go through the wide variety of Wi-Fi plans that are available and get one that best meets your needs and budget.We would choose Airtel’s broadband plans because they have features such as Wi-Fi internet calls, unlimited internet, additional OTT benefits with specific plans, auto-troubleshooting routers, and lots more. Check them out right away!