How And When To Give Gifts?

Gifts have always been linked to Christmas and delight young and old according to But like everything else, they have their basic rules that we must not forget at this time to stay in good stead.

And it is that when making a gift you will have to have good taste and choose something that serves as a souvenir and, if possible, that has some usefulness. To guarantee success, it will be best to spend some time before visiting the shops to get an idea of the existing offer.

But also, as the protocol expert Jose Luis Delgado comments, “we must bear in mind that we should never give woman kitchen utensils or perfumes, except when she expressly knows the brand she uses,” while for children, the most it is convenient to give them educational toys, but they are fun.” It should also be borne in mind that these gifts can only be returned if they are compromised, excessively important, or anonymous.

When it comes to presenting the gift, it will be enough to use a colorful and elegant package, tied with a ribbon or trimmings bow and adorned with a natural flower. Thus, success will be guaranteed.

Gifts Have Their Time And Situation.

  1. for our gift of true pleasure, which, after all, is the objective pursued when a gift is made, it must be accompanied by some nice words that express our feelings and motives. Whatever the gift’s object, it must be accompanied by a card or words that express affection, admiration, or others, which will add charm and value to the present.
  2. Needless to say, the gift price should never be mentioned or even hinted at. This is permissible only in the most profound privacy and should not be done unless such information is requested.
  3. It is also not correct to praise the merchandise. It would be best if you did not insist on the quality, rarity, or originality of your present. Similarly, if you are giving an item of clothing as a gift, don’t insist that the person try it immediately. It is possible that the person dislikes being a model, or that he dislikes the outfit that we have given him and that out of delicacy, he has not shown it; however, she may feel truly uncomfortable if we force her to wear it. Please leave it to others to appreciate your gift.
  4. The gift does not only have to be made on special occasions, as there is nothing more pleasant than receiving a surprise gift for no reason.