How to remove carpet odor?

Carpets are the need of the house; they provide elegance and beauty of the house and make it worth-watching. Furthermore, they are the most reasonable and affordable home décor. In fact a lay man can also afford it and can decorate their home. But the main issue that most of the people face is the carpet odor. In this article, we will completely describe the tips and techniques you should need to make your carpets clean and to remove carpet odor. So, stay tuned till the end to get complete information and details about that.

Tips to remove carpet odor:

Carpet odor is the main thing that most of the people face these days. This issue is common in the people with pets at home, because pets pee on the carpets and even after cleaning it the smell doesn’t get off. Specifically for this reason, there are some tips and methods you should apply on the carpets to remove the disgusting carpet odor. 

  • Try baking soda:

Baking soda is the most popular enemy of the carpet odor and is proved very beneficial against it. Firstly, sprinkle some baking soda on the target area and leave it for almost 15-20 minutes. Then clean it with a clean cloth. The baking soda will help a lot in removing the bad odor of the carpets. This is the first remedy you should practice while removing the carpet odor.

  • Try vinegar:

Vinegar is the second most beneficial remedy to remove carpet odor. What you have to do is, just place some bowls of vinegar all around the carpet with bad smell and leave it overnight. This will help a lot in removing the bad odor from the carpets. 

  • Apply onions:

Onions have proved very beneficial against the carpet odor. All you have to do is, slice some onions and place them in a bowl. Then, place the bowls with the onions all around the carpet with a bad smell and leave it there for overnight. But please try to keep it away from the pets and children as this may irritate them. The scent in the onion helps to dissipate the bad odor of the carpets and helps to relieve them. 

  • Try apples:

Apples have many benefits and relieving smell is one of them. You just have to cut some apples into half, you either can crush them and use their juice or you can use apples as whole. If you are using apple juice, apply it on the carpets with bad odor and if you are using apples as whole then place them all around the carpets with bad odor. Apples have a strong scent and help a lot in relieving odor.

Final words:

Carpet odor is the main issue of carpet users. In this article; we have completely described some of the tips, methods and techniques you should adopt while removing them. This is all we got for today.

Stay blessed and safe!