Keeping your Home Warm During the Cold Season

The heating system eats up most of the household’s energy consumption during the cold season. But in contrast to the summer days where using cooling systems is not necessary, using heaters during the winter is a matter of survival. This means that homeowners really have to consume energy to maintain the heat.

Fortunately, there are various ways households can reduce their energy consumption and limit their bill. Here are a few tips on how to keep your home warm without utilizing too much energy. 

Place Rugs on Hard Floors

Besides their aesthetic appeal, rugs can also provide insulation for hard floors and provide a layer between your feet and the cold floor. Area rugs, especially ones with rug pads under them, are not only decorative but also practical at helping inhabitants keep warm.


Insulating parts of your home is another way to keep it warm without consuming too much energy. Insulation seals gaps and prevents heat from escaping. Some parts of your home you can insulate are the attic, foundation walls, and windows. 

Insulating windows with high-grade window tinting in Buffalo NY helps the house retain up to 55% more heat. Ensuring that heat is conserved minimizes the heater’s energy consumption which helps the household achieve lower electricity bills. 

Learn more about keeping the house warm and where to get window tinting in Anchorage, AK to prepare for winter in an infographic from Kepler.

Keeping your Home Warm During the Cold Season [Infographic]