Know about the pile height of artificial grass

Pile height is the height measured from the artificial grass backing to the tip of the fiber grass. In short it is the total height of the fiber made grass from the backing of the artificial grass. The height is mostly measured in millimeters and usually depends upon the purpose of utilization and its uses outdoors. As different pile heights have different uses accordingly it is important to have a proper measurement according to its utilization. There are vast varieties of options when it comes to different heights ranging from 10mm to 200mm.

Pile height of artificial grass is an important consideration before you purchase and install it in your setting as there are many factors that it influences.

Pile height has a notable effect on the look of the area be it your lawn or a professional arena. There is no doubt that the artificial grass gives a fresh, even and green look to your lawn but if the pile height is too much it might make the view unattractive and less appealing. Also if the pile height is too short that would make your lawn appear as a sport ground rather than an area for recreation or relaxation. So if you want to achieve a good looking outdoor space your pile height choice matters.

Different pile heights are considered for different uses. If you wish your lawn to be a small sport area too select the grass that is suitable for sport requirements. For instance bocce will need a different grass type as compared to football. Also if there are kids long pile heights can cause frequent trips which is why you need to make sure of the height being installed.

The artificial grass is really hard bearing and can sustain heavy usage as they are made of durable synthetic fibers. So you will not have to be worried if you need to shorten the pile height as it won’t get damaged or trodden. Longer fibers can get flattened easily if there is frequent rain of regular usage. So it is better to stick with the shorter pile height if the usage is regular to make your lawn look fresh and green for a long time.

The pile height of artificial grass plays a role in the sense of touch too. Having longer pile heights has long fibers which provide a good feel of flexibility and cushioning, having a softer and enjoyable touch when walked on. While having shorter pile heights provides the feel of being hard like a flooring underneath, that is not much comfort.

While looking upon the maintenance the pile height of artificial grass can affect the efforts required in the maintenance tasks that it takes to upkeep the grass. The longer fibers will require extra brushing and a bit of time to do the task, also more debris will be stuck in the longer fibers which will need some extra time to clean up. If you have maintenance on the least priority then it is ideal to go for shorter pile height.