Make Professional-quality Action Videos Easily With Helmet Cameras

Helmet cameras, also referred to as Perspective cameras happen to be gaining huge traction among action sports enthusiasts during the last couple of years. You can easily understand why because these action cameras permit you to capture hands-free top quality HD video from the first person perspective or POV in many rugged environments. There are many brands of helmet cameras available on the market, a number of them being reworkings of standard cheap, poor camcorders.

While there are lots of cameras available marketed as helmet cameras, perspective cameras or “action cameras” only a number of manufacturers truly produce innovative items that are really well worth the money. The high brands can proudly call themselves helmet cams and therefore are meticulously created for outside use.

We demonstrate exactly what the top brands are and just how for the greatest deals.


The GoPro brand was among the first helmet cameras available and perhaps is easily the most popular. Housed inside a tough obvious plastic housing the boxy GoPro HD’s is visible everywhere in the race track, surfboards towards the the Mythbusters television show. These indestructable cameras have proven themselves within the toughest environments to create sweet HD video and obvious seem. Having a tremendous variety of mounting options and helmet cam accessories, you shouldn’t have any problems obtaining the GoPro cameras mounted on your gear. Gopro Heros provides the largest choice of customized versions for recording HD action for helmet sports, automotive racers or surfing fans.

Contour HD

Formerly referred to as Vholdr, the ContourHD also shoots HD video inside a helmet mount configuration. Initially created by a few skiiing fanatics to video capture their downhill adventures, the Contour cameras possess a unique TRail mounting system that enables your camera to rapidly snap off and on helmets along with other gear. Whilst not waterproof such as the GoPros, the ContourHD’s are designed for light snow and rain with no problems. Contours possess a unique levelling system composed of dual red lasers that shoot from the camera that will help you align your field of view. The ContourHD’s make the perfect choice if you do not need full waterproofing inside a sexy black package.

Liquid Image

Liquid Image focuses on cameras which are included in sports goggles and diving masks. This totally unique undertake cameras means total hands-free operation and adds HD camera abilities for your existing eye protection without adding any significant weight. Their type of Liquid Image Camera Go swimming Masks happen to be a high seller for divers and swimmers during the last 2 yrs as there’s little else enjoy it available on the market. Imagine just wearing a normal set of diving goggles yet be capable of videotape gorgeous underwater colors and scenery without the hassle of holding a video camera in a single hands. The newer Liquid Image Summit and Impact series possess the cameras included in a ski and motorcycle goggles correspondingly for total freedom in recording, departing both hands liberated to keep your gear for safety and stabilization.