Place your bet on the right horse at the right time-the gambling way

If you’re new to the fold of Indian gambling, satta matka is a game thriving on numbers. You show your excellence and expertise at guessing the prized number. In this concerned number system, you have the liberty of guessing a wide variety of numeric types. These include open, close, panel, jodi, jackpot, sangam among others. Players can also try a very viable and unbeatable gambling trick, which has been a best kept secret till now. Call it a hack or secret trick, you can never fail in the matka game, which is goddamn unpredictable.

Calculating Jodi and Single matka

Before you get the set of numbers, you will have a few hashes. The closing number on Saturday satta could be 55 and that on Friday could be 32. Add five and two and add the resultant seven with two in the next day open. It becomes 22. If 32 is your closing number and 63 is another closing number, your calculation shall be 2+3=5. Subtract one from five. You derive 49.

If you aren’t very clear with the jugglery of numbers, you can follow a few simple steps. You cut, repat, cut, and get the same number as outcome. Open the single and you get three powerful numbers or Ankh for the next day. If 51 80 90 41 37 72 is your set, add up the first number. 5+1=6. After 7,8,9, the next 3 numbers can be your winning combination the next day. Picking your numbers could look daunting, but it’s not so. From 0-9, pick any three numbers. If you pick 4, 7, 9, they will add up to 20. The matka format gives you the final number, which is the sum total of the set.