Save Money With A Rebuilt Mercedes Transmission

Replacing a broken or faulty transmission for a Mercedes Benz is a costly and usually unforeseen and unbudgeted expense. However, without a properly working transmission, the vehicle will be useless or dangerous when taken on the road. Since purchasing a new transmission is very expensive, opting for a rebuilt Mercedes Transmission is considered a valid option.

Rebuilt Vs. New Vs. Used Transmissions

There is no question that a new car transmission is one that has never been used. It the more expensive option, but will last longer than a rebuilt or used transmission, especially if it is a genuine car part.

Many car owners tend to interchange used and rebuilt transmissions thinking they are the same. Although in essence, these two transmissions have seen their fair share of the open road, there are some clear differences.

First, a used transmission is a car part that is taken from a vehicle that is no longer driven. It is installed in the vehicle without any changes to its internal parts. A rebuilt transmission, on the other hand, is an old transmission that has been taken apart and restored to working conditions.

Pros And Cons Of A Rebuilt Transmission

Before deciding on which type of transmission is the best for your needs, here are some pros and cons regarding the use of rebuilt transmissions worth knowing about:

PRO: Reliable Quality

An expert will take apart the transmission and inspect each part carefully. All parts that are broken or show signs of damage will be replaced. This makes the rebuilt Mercedes transmission a hybrid of the new and used transmission and is expected to function longer than replacing the transmission with a used one.

PRO: Cheaper Than New

Although it is labor-intensive and complicated to disassemble and reassemble a transmission, the cost is still significantly cheaper than opting for new parts.

PRO: Faster Than Trying To Find Used Transmissions

Of course, used transmissions are always cheaper than their rebuilt counterparts, but it takes time to find the perfect used car part as a replacement. Used transmissions will require owners to do a lot of online research, talk to several sellers, visit junk yards, and so much more.

If there is a car part available, it can take up to one week for it to be delivered. Choosing to rebuild on the other hand will take an expert 2 to 3 days and it is good as new!

PRO: Warranties

Unlike used transmissions that are quite a big a gamble to use, rebuilt transmissions come with a warranty from the expert. If it shows signs of deterioration too soon, car owners can take it back to the repair shop or seller for a replacement or free repairs, depending on the conditions of the warranty.

CON: It’s Not New

Despite proving to be a great option, rebuilt transmissions can no way compare to the lifespan, guarantee, and functionality of a new transmission. Aside from that, rebuilt transmissions are a great option if you are looking to save money while also repairing your Mercedes Benz transmission problems.

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