Take a Quick Look at HONOR MagicBook 15

Speaking of HONOR laptops, we have to mention the high cost performance and unique multi-screen collaboration technology. It is brought by the configuration parameters and HONOR MagicBook 15 specs. This breaks the boundary between Windows and Android from the bottom of the system. The operation of mobile phones can be realized on the PC.

When we reply to messages on the mobile phone, the efficiency and accuracy are not high. After using HONOR MagicBook 15 to connect with the mobile phone, you can use the computer keyboard to input. The ability to process all kinds of information has been further improved. It is convenient.

When it is necessary to exchange documents between the mobile phone and the computer, it can be completed. After dragging from the folder to the mobile phone interface, the mobile phone realizes the operation of copying and moving.

HONOR MagicBook 15 solves another problem. Many apps do not have computer versions. Even if Android simulators are used, there is a great chance of flashback and no response. After using multi-screen cooperation, all the problems are solved. The keyboard mouse of the PC can control the mobile phone APP. This is a big benefit for users.

This HONOR MagicBook 15 is equipped with the second-generation AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor. It is equipped with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics card. In the CINEBENCH R15 test, the multi-core score was 656 and the single-core score was 146.

It is related to the accurate adjustment of HONOR. Judging from the running score, it can be said that HONOR has brought the performance of this processor to an extreme. For daily office and amusement, there is no pressure. Simple video editing, picture processing and other multi-software heavy office scenes can be competent.

Alt and Tab can switch between software. Adobe Premier can be used to edit 4K materials. The whole editing process is smooth. It takes a long time only when exporting rendering.

Other aspects of laptop configuration are good, such as PCIe SSD hard disk and DDR4 dual-channel memory. When reading, writing, opening, moving and copying large files, the response is fast. It reflects the advantages of PCIe SSD.

Then I would like to sum up the HONOR MagicBook 15 Ryzen Edition. There are no rivals in the same price. Whether for personal users or office users, the cost performance of this laptop is outstanding. The 15.6-inch screen controls the weight to 1.52 KG. It is compatible with large screen. With the blessing of the second-generation AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor, office, video, games can be handled.