Using 14 Days Candle Can Work Wonders During Prayers

The best 14-day candles are made of beeswax, a natural, raw organic wax made by honey bees inside their hive. When the beeswax is created, it almost unadulterated white, but as it gets combined with propolis and pollen from the honey bees, it becomes more golden or tan. Beeswax can range in color from almost white to darkish brown, however, it is typically shades of yellow, but it is actually contingent on the cleanliness and kind of flowers the bees have visited. For instance, when bees gather nectar from mainly goldenrod, the wax will be golden yellow, while nectar from buckwheat flowers will result in a murkier wax. This stands to reason since  honey from buckwheat flowers has a deep, dark brown color.

100% pure beeswax candles burn clean and have a natural honey/floral scent even when not burning. Unlike paraffin candles, they do not contain any additives, synthetic chemicals or leave behind black soot from smoke when they are burned.

Burning beeswax candles assist to purify the air since they produce negative ions which attract positive charged particles like mold spores, pollen, dander, odors, germs, dust and other contaminates. When the negative ions combine with the positive particles, they become too heavy to linger in the air so they drop to the floor other surfaces where they can be cleaned up with a dust cloth or a vacuum cleaner.

When purchasing beeswax candles, make sure that you buy it from a trustworthy source, since there are many dishonest purveyors who sell so named “beeswax candles” that have as little as 5% of beeswax if any at all. If you are obtaining 100% pure beeswax candles, that is what your candles should be made of.

You are aware of the way in which a candle spreads light in the physical world. If you are yet to know, a candle also removes darkness and evil spirits from the outside world. The warmth of the candle and its glow helps in taking your spirits to the next level. Candles can also tell you the time and set your mood for a ritual. The relationship between a candle and spiritual aspects is not new as the power of the burning wick can calm your hysteric mind. As far as religion is concerned, a candle plays is a significant element of Christian prayer. Among the spiritual candles, the alter candle remains lighted during the ceremonies in the church.

Restoration of peace and spiritual relationship

Praying to God helps in the restoration of mental balance and peace but adding spirituality to the candles can enhance the benefits. Changing the colors of the candles can also make a difference. If you are praying to get a good partner in life, you can pray to God to address the wish and get fulfillment in life. For instance, burning red candles in the corner of your bed room side by side can create can help in empowering love in a relationship. If you need a product to address your spiritual needs, using the 14 days candle can provide the solution you need. Candles come with several benefits and the power of meditation. From improving physical health to dispelling enemies, candles can assist in managing various tasks.

Soak the benefits

The 14-day candle is available in white and various other shades and usually available in glass containers. People often use the candle for spiritual tasks, meditation, and several rituals. All you need is to make an intention and light the candle to let it burn for fourteen days. Once the candle extinguishes, it leads to the fulfillment of desires.