Why Are Romantic-Comedies Most Favored Movie Genre?

Many movie lovers and directors submit proposals for the Academy Awards every year. Most of the films submitted are typically a blend of romantic comedies and other drama movies with some bits of suspense thrown in. Even though different movie genres have been around for more than 200 years, one genre that is mostly preferred to ดูหนังออนไลน์ (watch movies online) in modern times is romantic-comedies. This high popularity is wide acceptance, great humour, happy faces and the touch of adult scenes.

Rom-Coms For Love Birds

People worldwide love these light-hearted movies, especially on Valentines Day. They like to visit the theatre during this time to watch a movie with their significant other and experience an abundance of love and hope. People spend more money on food, gas and public transportation when it is a holiday weekend because they want to see a movie together.

Romantic comedies are intended for the sole purpose of pure entertainment. There are no hidden messages or deep meanings throughout the movie that viewers need to focus on to gain knowledge. There is no need for a serious movie to succeed when the audience just wants them for what they are.

How Much a Romantic Comedy Make?

Movies made in an anti-romcom way don’t usually bring in as much money as movies that appeal to the masses. These movies aren’t popular because they don’t create many friends, lovers, and never-ending sorrows like a comedy movie. On the other hand, a movie with a combination of romance and comedy gives viewers a better mental state because they laugh with the characters.

How did It start?

To understand how popular romantic comedies are today, you have to look back at the very beginning of filmmaking. The first movies in history are mostly drama movies that exemplify the conflict between man and nature. These movies were later remade with more light-hearted themes that ended up being more popular. This type of movie maintains a youthful atmosphere even though it occurs during a mature period, telling the story of men and women who struggle against each other, causing their characters’ emotions to become blurry throughout their adventure.

Best Romantic-Comedies to Watch For Beginners

Every person that has the best interest in watching romantic comedies has a different vision of what makes a good one. The best romantic comedies are classy, memorable and relate to real-life problems. Romantic comedy movies have to entertain the audience without sending them into a panic because they’re afraid to laugh. If you are just starting to watch rom-com, you can try these options.

  • La La Land
  • The Notebook
  • 500 Days Of Summer
  • The Last Christmas

If a movie doesn’t entertain people except on purpose, they stop paying attention and stop caring about what you decide to watch movies online. The movie must make you feel connected to the characters in their way with true experiences that are relatable. This way, the movie will become popular by providing enough laughs, love and mystery to keep viewers interested in more sequels.