Why should you install wall to wall carpets?

In order to provide a great impact to your living space, you have an option to choose wall to wall carpets to place on the floor. Wall to wall carpeting does not only provide warmth to your foot but it changes the whole feeling of the room. As we all know that carpets work as natural insulators, therefore wall-to-wall carpeting prevents warm and cool air from escaping and absorbs sound as well. Unlike hard flooring, it also prevents slipping as well especially if you have children at your home. Wall-to-wall carpeting, which first came on the scene in the later 1930s, now accounts for half of all the flooring sold in America. Searching its benefits throughout the web is a quite dubious business as everyone has its own point of view and way of thinking. Everyone wants all the perfection under one shelter and gladly we provide that shelter.


Wall to wall carpets have a lot of benefits. They come in different sizes and designs; you can choose the best one you want easily and conveniently. Another feature is that they are easily affordable. In fact a lay man can also afford it and decorate his house. They are very easy to clean and replace. You clean them once they get dirty easily without any problem or aid from outside. Plenty of more features of wall to wall carpets are described below:

  • Affordable prices:

Wall to wall carpeting is very cost effective. If we compare it with hardwood and tiles, we will definitely carpeting a reasonable solution for flooring. Through placing carpet, you can save a lot of money that is spent on the installation of other floorings. Carpeting is known to insulate rooms up to 17 times better than other flooring products. Its natural construction is known for keeping rooms warmer in the winter months and cooler during the summer. So while you are saving money, you are also saving energy.

  • User satisfaction is assured:

When you use wall to wall rugs and carpets of high quality, you will feel the real satisfaction that comes by walking on the soft and plush carpets. Wall to wall carpets are a way to add warmth and coziness to a place whether one walks around in slippers, bare feet or even in socks. They are good at noise cancellation as they easily dampen the level of noise made by children, pets, spouses or even any general noise of any instrument.

  • Huge variety:

Wall to wall carpets can be found in myriads of choice if you shop from a good wall to wall rugs carpets manufacturer exporters India. In carpet choice, they are categorized in fiber, color, pattern etc. This choice allows home makers to buy rugs and carpets according to their existing home décor or wall colors. This is a great way to bring a matching look of your walls and flooring. In addition, the extensive choice in wall to wall carpet fabric allows you to select ones according to your budget and expected results.

  • Easy to clean and replace:

Wall to wall carpets are easy to be installed at any place and also very easy to be replaced or torn out. Furthermore, you can also clean them with ease without any bother or aid from outside.

  • Easy to maintain:

The main care routine of wall to wall carpets is regular vacuuming which is quite easy. And since most of these carpets are manufactured with stain-resistant remedies today, which do not allow the fluid to pass through the surface, you can easily increase the spill. But do it immediately. It protects from energy as it provides insulation in cold and heat.

  • A touch of luxury:

Have you ever stayed in a luxury hotel that doesn’t have carpeting? It is the most used floor covering in luxurious hotels for many reasons. You can choose from many colors and styles that mean your ultimate choice will reflect how you want to personalize your living space. A carpet can be a focal point with bold patterns and vibrant color and texture.

  • Durability:

The most beneficial benefit of wall to wall carpet is that they are highly reliable and durable. If maintained and cleaned on time this carpeting will maintain its life and beauty for many years.