3D Printed Male Chastity Cages: Everything You Need to Know

Chastity cages are often precisely, what the name implies: a more-or-less penis-shaped cage made of plastic or metal that encloses his penis, preventing him from stimulating it sufficiently to achieve an orgasm. A cage, unlike a chastity belt, is normally maintained in place by a ring that wraps around the scrotum and the bottom of the penis behind the testicles.

Yes, that sounds horrible, but here they have excellent information that they can be comfortable and maintained 24 hours a day.

But why is that? What motivates a man to give up such an important aspect of his sensuality to you?

Contrary to common misconception, your man does not need to be odd or subservient to wish to wear a chastity cage for you. The explanations are complicated and stem partly from biology and partly from psychology.

Wearing a chastity cage will make your partner more caring and communicative, as well as more inclined to assist around the house. And he’ll do it not because he’s feeling subordinate, but because his emotions will bring him closer to her.


Safety is the step after relaxation. Some technologies are harmful by design, while others are deadly due to poor construction.

While you can expect some stiffness and chafing initially, a chastity device should be so comfortable that you don’t even notice you’re wearing it, and you shouldn’t suffer cuts or abrasions. If you are, you are possibly putting yourself in danger.

Check yourself at least every other day, and allow any bruises or sores to heal properly.


Some chastity and devices are difficult to put on and take off; others are simple. And it appears that the simplicity of these two operations has nothing to do with security.

3D Printed Male Chastity Cages helps you to get the most out of it.

The idea is that if you’re operating the game in a way that requires you to be away from your device frequently for teasing and gratification, you’ll want it to be portable.


Finally, there is aesthetics. This is especially crucial for the woman who has to stare at you while you’re locked up. If your equipment appears ridiculous, it may take part of the joy out of it; if it’s just plain ugly, it may turn off entirely.

Everyone has distinct preferences. Some ladies want to see their husbands in full belts, whereas some prefer to watch in 3D printed male chastity cages. There is no correct or incorrect response; only what works for you both.


Selecting a chastity device may be a difficult experience, and there are no genuine shortcuts. It may take many (sometimes costly) efforts to try to find the right gadget for you, but it will be worthwhile in the end.