How Alcohol Addiction Affects Your Body?


Why Young People Are Drinking Too Much – Cleveland Clinic

Having a few glasses of wine or whisky on a special occasion is fine. But once you start consuming excessive alcohol every day, it becomes an addiction.

Alcohol addiction is just as bad as addiction to drugs. You must have come across some of those alcoholic addiction stories online. It should give you an idea of how alcohol abuse ruins your health and life.

In this post, we will highlight the effects of alcohol addiction on your body. If you are a regular drinker, you should take this post seriously before it turns into an addiction.

  • Heart Disease

Alcohol can have a serious impact on the functioning of your heart. The consumption of excessive alcohol increases your cholesterol and the risk of getting blood clots.

Studies have shown that alcohol abuse can also make it difficult to pump blood to your heart. If you continue to be an alcohol addict, it can lead you to some sort of heart disease.

  • Brain Issues

You may already know how alcohol affects your brain. It creates problem in communication pathways, and thus, make it harder for you to speak, move, think, and remember things.

Besides that heavy consumption of alcohol can also lead to mental issues, such as dementia and depression. Some people also suffer from nerve damage, which can be very painful.

  • Liver Damage

Liver damage is probably the most common side-effect of alcohol consumption. The job of the liver is to flush out alcohol from your body. But it may fail to keep up if you drink too much at once.

Alcohol is known to destroy liver cells, which then leads to scarring or cirrhosis. Long-term consumption of alcohol may lead to irreversible liver damage. If you don’t stop at the right time, it can lead to liver failure.

Alcohol addiction is never good for anyone. If you think you are turning into an alcohol addict, you should seek professional help now.