Understanding the Importance of Pre-Construction Inspections

People who are buying buying pre construction condos in toronto think that a home inspection is not necessary for them. You are buying a new home, it does not mean that it is up to the mark. Even if you are building a new home from scratch and it is customized to cater your requirements. A home inspection will ensure that every construction phase is going in the right direction to deliver the best possible result.

A home inspection will give you valuable insights. You will be able to point out the flaws in your property’s construction. Remember that your unit will have flaws if you do not pay proper attention during the construction phase. Many people think that a new home inspection is expensive and they do not want to add extra cost.

Home inspection

In this process you have to take the services of a third party to evaluate your home structure, appliances, systems and other necessary features. The inspection officer will visit your property to give you a detailed report on every small thing. In case of flaws, you can take that report and have a word with the builder to fix these issues before the completion of the project. Inspection from a third party will ensure that you get a safe and hazard free home. You are investing your hard-earned money in a new condominium. Nobody will like to spend money on repairs after moving in.

Common issues

Generally, new homes are relatively error free, but many inspection officers say that there are several underlying issues in buying pre construction condos in toronto, which you need to deal in advance. Some of those issues are

  • You need to check for structural defects and cracks. Check for framing and improper grading
  • Drainage issues may cause major complications and structural damage
  • Leaking of windows
  • Electrical problems, wired outlets, switch plates
  • Plumbing issues hot cold faucets piping leaks and other issues

Inspections you need

This is a million dollar question and many people like to know that how many inspections do they need? It is advised to conduct at least three inspections.

First inspection

This is called foundation inspection and it is conducted right before the foundation. Inspector will visit the location to check everything like anchors, floating, and check everything is in proper order for long lasting home.

Second inspection

This inspection happens after the construction of the frame. After this inspection, visited officer will make sure that all the posts, studs, beams and other components are installed properly.

Third inspection

This is the final inspection and it will ensure that your home is safe for occupancy. If your inspector finds any flaw during the inspection, you need to inform your builder.